FM transmitter & BT hands-free kit
Technaxx FM DAB+ Transmitter FMT1500BT
Technaxx FM DAB+ Transmitter FMT1500BT

FM DAB+ Transmitter FMT1500BT


  • FM & DAB+ Radio transmitter
  • With external DAB+ antenna for best signal receiving
  • Bluetooth transmission


Technaxx FMT1350BT Transmitter & Bass Booster
Technaxx FMT1350BT Transmitter & Bass Booster
  • USB Quick charging function via QC3.0
  • USB charging function via 5V/2.4A
  • Button for Bass Booster
  • Bluetooth technology V5.0 (~7m distance)
Technaxx FMT1100BT Transmitter with hands-free & charging function
Technaxx FMT1100BT
  • Safe driving when making phone calls via the Bluetooth Hands-free system
  • Easy handling with 2 buttons
  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR with ~10m transmission range
  • Supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB
  • Supports AUX–IN
Technaxx FMT1000BT DAB+ Transmitter
Technaxx FMT1000BT DAB+ Transmitter
  • 4-in-1 Function: DAB+ receiver, portable DAB+ radio/MP3 player, Bluetooth Car Kit, FM transmitter
  • Wireless transfer for DAB+ and DAB radio frequencies
  • Portable FM unit is usable as DAB+ radio & MP3 player
  • Bluetooth function for streaming music from mobile phones to the vehicle's radio
  • Handsfree function via Bluetooth
Technaxx Car Bluetooth Handsfree System BT-X22
Technaxx Kfz-Bluetooth Freisprecheinrichtung BT-X22

Safe driving when making phone calls via Bluetooth

  • Easy handling via 3 buttons
  • BT version 4.0 with transmission distance ~10m
  • DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation



Technaxx FMT900BT Transmitter
Technaxx FMT900BT Transmitter


  • Wireless transmission of phone calls from mobile Bluetooth devices to the FM radio of a vehicle
  • Supports MicroSD cards & USB flash drives up to 32GB to play MP3/WMA music tracks
  • 1-button function: answering/end calls & redial of the last number


Technaxx FMT700 Transmitter
Technaxx FMT700 Transmitter

FM Transmitter with charging and music playing function

  • Listen to iPhone / iPod / iPad music from car stereo speakers
  • Charging funktion for smartphones
Technaxx FMT600 Bluetooth FM Transmitter
Technaxx FMT600BT Transmitter

Music and phone calls via Bluetooth to your car radio

  • Built-in Microphone for hands-free handling
Technaxx FMT100 Transmitter + MP3
Technaxx FMT100 Transmitter
  • FM Transmitter for SD cards and USB flash drives up to 32GB
  • USB input & audio jack to read SD/USB directly and to connect it with MP3 devices
  • Supports MP3 music files